ArtReefs project

ArtReefs project, based on a consortium of public and private actors from the Mediterranean and Black Sea Basins, will contribute to a dialogue across IMP related sectors and the creation of a Joint Vision and Action Plan. A WebGis application will be created as practical tool to determine suitable locations for AR deployment. These outputs will be applied in the definition of a concrete Tourism packages.

Its potential for adaptation, modification, creation of new business opportunities and increased cooperation between IMP stakeholders will be exploited during the organisation of “Blue innovation labs” in Spain, France, Italy and Bulgaria. Public and private stakeholders and entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to find the missing expertise or collaboration partners for their projects during an international Brokerage event in Italy.

The on-going transfer of outcomes and results will be addressed to countries from both the Black and Mediterranean Sea (including neighbourhood countries), with special focus on countries in which the interest and increased use of AR and its related products and services has been previously mapped.