Endorse ArtReefs initiative

All professionals from the tourism industry, water sports and maritime sectors, coastal planning and management, engineering, marine conservation, fisheries and aquaculture, science and education, etc. are the direct stakeholders that are invited to join the Public Private Partnership.

Particularly relevant will be coastal administrations, surfing and diving schools, sport fishing associations, yachters, nature lovers, Marine Protected Areas managers, spatial planners, innovators… who can have a prominent role in the design, deployment and management of novel artificial reefs.

As an organisation or individual, you can endorse this initiative, contributing towards strategic and operational goals in your region. Signing the Letter of Endorsement does not impose any legal or financial obligations, but will help to promote Blue Growth while making sure new reefs are environmentally friendly, managed participatively and well designed for their specific location and purpose.

Download the Letter of endorsement from the deliverable section